Édes a vér

You got knocked the fuck out!

Even though The Rack was closed for the night, Annette and Ofelia walked in unannounced. Solace (aka Annette) had business to take care of and left Ofelia there, only for her to openly humiliate and demand money from Issac. Alex decided to teach her some humility, and some fun, cast magic to turn her belligerence on people who would not stand for it. When it was all said and done, Ofelia was knocked out by Zachary when Issac came back from the ATM. Thanks to Zackary’s abilities however, she was unable to point out who it was when she came too and left in a huff. Meanwhile, a murder was found at the old cabal house and Jeremiah and Alex went to investigate it. They found out that a werewolf pack moved into the house and was the cause of it. When they went back to the Rack, Zackary volunteered to go and “investigate”. After they got there, it turned out to be a pack of the Pure. Violence quickly ensued resulting in two of the Pure pack members dieing and the others running off. Later that night, Red finally found out that it was Jacob who got the city locked down. Her thoughts went wild and she left with Gloria following suit from Gabriel’s. She went all the way out to Her recently Haven only to find strange new occupants there. It was of course, Zackary Ellison and his offspring that have taken up residence. Soon after, Issac and Jeremiah drove over to the cabal house and encountered a paranoid, grief stricken Red. They both said that they had no intentions of stabbing her in the back, but Sarah rebuffed there claims as dubious.



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