Édes a vér

The week after

After the rampage that Jacob caused, Arpad sets up a phone conference with all the elders to ascertain who did it, Jacob having got an excused absence prior to his rampage. Jeremiah spoke up and said he would lead the investigation. Meanwhile, Issac and Nikolai help Alex out of the wreckage and get whats left of the library out before the police showed up. Alex then revealed with his Time Arcanum that it was Jacob who attacked with an armed APC, killing Germs and destroying the Cabal house. With the help of Jeremiah, they confirmed this at the armory (via use of teleporting inside the hanger and Auspex). Jeremiah then regretfully relayed the information to Arpad, who issued a decree demanding that the cities Kindred bring forth Jacob to answer for his crimes. Later that week after Martial law was starting to lift, Cali was reunited with her father, Zach, after making an unaware call to Jeremiah, and he recognized the name. The introductions were cut off when they received two unexpected visitors…



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