Édes a vér

The Nosferatu Rebellion

The story picks back up with Issac quickly disposing of the fuse of the stick of dynamite as Jacob fled using super human speed. Issac then was mauled by a berserk Zack and he had to drop the Space ward he had on the Rack to teleport out to save himself. After healing the Damage, he went back to a wrecked bar and a collapsed Zack. With the help of Zack’s son’s, he mercifully bought him back to the sleep room. Meanwhile, Arpad Called for a meeting to inform the Coterie of the rebellious Nosferatu and to the increase in crime in St. Louis. The Group also discussed what happened at the Rack, with Jacob saying it’s Issac’s doing, while Gabriel Saying Jacob was foolish to instigate it. Arpad offered to help with the situation but Jacob refused saying that he can take care of it. However, Issac has been Plotting to take care of Jacob as well…..



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