Édes a vér

The Exodus....

After half a dozen armed personal forced there way into the old Mage house, Issac was Impaled and was left to die by a unseen attacker. When most of the attackers fled, the pack took Issac to George Hendricks, where they spent four days and nights trying to prevent Issac’s death. Meanwhile, Ofelia was kidnapped by Stephen. He left a text saying she went back to St. Louis. Zorander Wondering what happened to Issac as did Solace. Nikolia was dealing with his new found powers and getting lost in the woods stoned. In the days that Issac was recovering, A creeper tried to hit on solace and went Nova when he was cock blocked by Nikolia. Issac Finally woke up on the 4th day and Healed his wounds, deciding that St. Louis is too dangerous to live in. After grabbing all the money and Zorander almost getting blown up by a claymore, they left St. Louis for Columbia.

See Tome of the Moon for further game play! Good job all!



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