Édes a vér

Rockwell returns

Issac and Jeremiah go to pick up Gloria after she left Gabriel’s house. Upon returning to The Rack, she stayed outside after seeing Gabriel’s car also at The Rack. Upon realizing that she did not enter, Issac went back out to check and found her missing, and a sticky note on the door of The Rack. Written on the note was “For Gabriel” and a phone number. It turned out to be Rockwell, who had kidnapped Gloria. His plan was to use her as leverage and force Gabriel to bring out a vampire from Édes a Vér so he could feed from the unsuspecting victim. Rockwell backed up the request by threatening to kill Gloria and dumping her body in or near Gabriel’s house to frame him and turn Sarah(aka Red) further against him. With the help of Issac and Jeremiah (and not Red, skillfully leaving her in the dark) they were able to outmaneuver Rockwell by having Jeremiah act as bait. Once Rockwell was away from his car, Issac teleported in and back out with Gloria and taking Backlash from his vulgar use of the Space Arcanum. Jeremiah aware of Rockwell’s impending attack expertly dodged Rockwell’s lunge and Obfuscating. Gabriel’s car didn’t fare so well as Rockwell’s miss made him collide with it, bending the passenger door. Gabriel managed to enter his car and flee, but with Rockwell hot on his trail using Celerity. Eventually Rockwell managed to jump onto the trunk of the car and he then tore off the roof, while Gabriel’s driving could not shake him. Another vulgar spell by Issac in the form of a Key’d Portal only allowing anybody named “Gabriel” through…and through he came…at 50 mph…across the parking lot where he skidded to a stop, painful looking but not painful to Gabriel who’s previous image was Rockwell tearing off his roof and about to slash him.

Back at The Rack, a distraught Gloria informed Red of what happened and she went nuts, swearing Rockwell’s Death. After which, Cali tried befriending Gloria and she caved in after a time. Nikaloi and Issac later tried bargaining with Tol’cal-on the nature of there relationship. Gabriel, fearful that Rockwell knew where he lived, was surprised when Issac offered him one of the back rooms, which he humbly accepted (Venture Law Of Hospitality?). He also made arrangements to quietly remove his car from the accident, but is not so sure he should claim it stolen…its not like it was an antique nor is he really in the mood to do insurance fraud…

When day break happened, Issac gathered a member from the Guardians of the Veil and tried looking for Jacob but with no success, but showed no signs of giving up. The session leaves off with the Rack having its first day active after a weeks worth of martial law…



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