Édes a vér

I've had better...

Things pick up with Issac waking up in University Hospital. His left side and rips have been crushed violently. Wondering what went on he called Solace to tell her to be careful and that he was attack. He then called Zorander and told him what happened. As Zorander was leaving the chapter house, he noticed Alex sitting in the living room. Upon inspection, it turned out that Alex was murdered and was just “dropped off” at the house. This of course made him incredibly paranoid. He used an Invisibility spell to get to his motorcycle and doubled checked it before leaving to the hospital. Upon getting there, Issac had him get his pen that he dropped in the attack by casting a Portal spell inside the bathroom to Issac’s office. After a quick call to Ofelia, Issac then called Dr. Hendricks, who was listed as physician on scene when 911 responders arrived. Issac convinced Dr. Hendricks to take him to his house for outpatient care. With some doubt, he agreed. Once there, Issac used magic to over come his gruesome injury’s, shocking the doctor. After some time of silence and awkwardness, he dropped him off at the Holiday Inn. Solace set Zorander up with a room, where he was enjoying the pool. After some milling over thoughts, Issac decides to visit Zachary unaware that the good doctor also made the same decision. Naturally walking up out of the basement frustrates Dr Hendricks even further when suddenly several masked men shove in the door and running inside weapons at the ready.

Meanwhile, a thought to be dead Nikolai finally starts to make his way back to the living(?)…



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