Édes a vér

boom or not to boom

Thursday starts off with Issac trying to pull the wool over Red’s eyes with regards to gaining her haven. After she calls him on it, he confesses that he needs it for the new cabal and pledges to find a better haven for her. (Considering she was a alley cat for the last 5 decades, this wasn’t all that hard to do.) The following night, Arpad calls a meeting between himself, Gabriel, Jeremiah, Jacob, and Red to gain information on the new threat in town. The meeting was short and to the point with Jeremiah able to recall the most detail of the creature (aka Rocky). When they left, Jacob wished for a new car. He then acquired [stole] a set of keys (and a new phone for Red) from one of the restaurant workers and proceed to have fun at the vehicle owner’s expense. Back at The Rack, One of Issac’s new cabal members, Alex, makes his intro and proceeds to politely make fun of for his grasp (or lack of) the supernatural situation in St. Louis. When Jacob gets back, he is greeted by a rather tense social situation involving Zackary and his two son’s. With Issac behind the scene ensuring that both Jacob and Zack “step outside” while leaving Red to deal with his two son’s but not before Jacob enraging David (the youngest son) by swatting him on the nose. David started to shift in the middle of the Rack but Red tackled him to the ground preventing a potential bloodbath. Jacob used Obfuscate when he got outside, making Zack think he left. Red, meanwhile, used Nightmare on both his son’s making them run of it. The crowd at The Rack at this point was hurriedly trying to get out (due to lunacy from the werewolves). When the crowd left Jacob “appeared” at the booth once again. He began calmly explain why his brother Rocky, not him, is the true threat to Zachary’s safety. Zachary, sensing that Jacob feels at a disadvantage, goes to Issac’s office and takes the stick of dynamite and tosses it to him (unlit) saying, “does this make you feel braver?”. Jacob pockets the stick, uninterested in provoking him. This is when Gabriel makes the scene, he rebuffs Jacob’s claim saying that Rocky’s longs for vampire blood, not mortal’s. However, Jacob, doing his best to convince Zackary that Rocky is “half vampire, half werewolf” does nothing but confuse and anger Zack. With some mind magic convincing from Issac, Zack finds himself losing control and slowly shifting into war form. Jacob taking advantage of the confusion, Obfuscates and plants a the now lit stick of dynamite into Issac’s pocket before Issac himself obfuscates from everyone’s mind to avoid Zachary’s wrath.



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