Historian of Atlantis looking for more

Health: 8
Willpower: 8
Gnosis: 4
Max Mana: 14
Humanity: 5
Size: 5
Speed: 11
Defense: 3
Initiative Mod: 7

Age: 29
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Race: Caucasian
Nationality: American
Height: 5’8"
Weight: 220 lbs
Sex: Male

Name: Eugene Perryman Virtue: Temperance Path: Obrimos
Shadow Name: Zorander Vice: Greed Order: Silver Ladder
Player: Edward Brown Concept: Ex-College Student Legacy:


Power Intelligence 4 Strength 3 Presence 2
Finesse Wits 3 Dexterity 3 Manipulation 3
Resistance Resolve 4 Stamina 3 Composure 4





Academics (History) 4 Athletics 1 Expression 1
Computers (Hacking) 4 Drive 2 Persuasion 2
Crafts 2 Firearms 2 Socialize 1
Investigation 3 Larceny 3 Streetwise 3
Occult (Atlantean) 4 Stealth 3 Subterfuge 2
Science 1 Survival 1

1 any Mental skills not listed suffer a -3

2 any Physical or Social skills not listed suffer a -1


Upon casting vulgar spells, if Force was used, all lights appear more golden than their normal color. and any other spell is proceeded by feathers which disappear upon touching the ground, but otherwise glide with the wind.


Forces 4
Matter 3
Prime 4
Space 2


Stunt Driver (can Cast and make Drive checks in the same turn.)
Language: Chinese
Resources 2; (Silver Ladder payroll)
High Speech
Occultation 1
Status: Silver Ladder 2
Glyph Lore 4


Arcanum and Level Name Dice Pool
Forces 4 Control Velocity (v) 12
Forces 4 Transform Energy (v) 12
Matter 2 Transmute Water (v) 11
Matter 3 Transmute Earth (v) 12
Prime 2 Transform Aura 12
Prime 3 Channel Mana 11
Prime 3 Controlled Dispellation 12
Prime 4 Siphon Integrity (v) 12
Space 2 Scrying 9
Space 2 Apportation (v) 8

Dedicated Magical Tool
Bronze Skeleton Key

  • Other Noteworthy Possessions
    • 2001 Honda Shadow Spirit 750 Motorcycle and Helmet
    • Glyph-Inscribed3 Desert Eagle and 2 clips, stored inside Motorcycle in secret compartment.
    • Common sports wristwatch with large digital display
    • Cellphone
    • Creative Zen media player with ear inserts
    • $1000 in cash
    • $5250 in Visa debit card, with the name Felix Fitzgerald

      3 Glyph designates Zorander as the owner of this gun, and allows him perfect sympathy to reach it.
      Any mage with Mage Sight active can make an Intelligence + Occult to understand the first part.


Born in the 80’s, Eugene’s life was a constant struggle to fit in, his classmates did not like him cause he was smart, but none of them asked him to help them or do their homework or to copy his work. His teachers didn’t know how to handle a smart student, one frequently smarter than them, and he knew it. So they did what any overworked, underpaid teacher would do…fudge his scores downward. What they did not expect was that the ONE day they fudge scores, karma was watching. A member of the Board of Education was double-checking the test scores and came across a paper where the score did not match the teacher’s record. The scandal became headline news, teachers were fired and Eugene and his parents had to leave the community for fear of retribution.

His college years favored him MUCH better, with the computer age in full swing, his natural skill easily landed him a job in the college library. His first year was just general education and undecided major, but his second year he went for a History Major. On his 3rd year while researching a paper he came across a misplaced book in the library with of all things a feather as a page holder. He remembers flipping open the book to the page in slow-motion, and just as it opened, the world around him opened with it and before him was a golden path among the clouds that lead to a golden tower of blazing fire and light and what looked like birds among the lightning struck sky, but as he got under it he realized they were winged humans, Angels. The Angel guarding the Tower pointed to the feather, which he offered up. The Angel examined it for a bit then handed it back and let him enter, bidding him to use the gold. Inside, in an almost dreamlike trance of knowing exactly what to do, Eugene went to a spot on the wall that called to him, dipped the feather in the liquid gold ink and wrote his name in the Watchtower of the Golden Key.

Eugene was not a religious person. So with his sudden shift in focus and waning interest in his classes, It wasn’t long before someone else met with him and gave him a story of Atlantis…and MAGIC.

He easily fell right into the Silver Ladder, learning Glyphs as if another computer language, and translating ancient Atlantean and uploading translations to secure websites. However his new job was not time compatible with his librarian job or college classes, and they gradually fell to the side and eventually off altogether, causing his loans to be called in and him to make his first abuse of magic…Forcefully crediting his bank account with enough money to pay off his loans. After which he closed the account, withdrew from college and from sleeper society almost completely.

His reason for moving to St. Louis is fewer mages, Seattle is a thriving mixing pot of multiple mage cultures, and more room to advance and be recognized as valuable instead of ‘just another bookkeeper’.


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