Gabriel Cerre

Lord of Noblesse Oblige

Health: 10
Willpower: 7
Blood Potency: 5
Vitae: 14
Per Turn 2
Humanity: 5
Size: 5
Speed: 11
Defense: 4
Initiative Mod: 8

Age: 206
Apparent Age: Mid-Twenty
DOB: July 13, 1805
RIP: 1835
Hair: Dark Blonde
Eyes: Green
Race: Caucasian
Nationality: American
Height: 5’10"
Weight: 170 lbs
Sex: Male
Alias: Gabriel De Gaulle (used among mortals)
Ordo Title: Master of Elysian Pain1

Name: Gabriel Cerre Virtue: Charity Clan: Venture
Player: Edward Brown Vice: Pride Bloodline:
Chronicle: Édes a vér Concept: Noblesse Oblige Covenant: The Ordo Dracul


Power Intelligence 3 Strength 2 Presence 3
Finesse Wits 4 Dexterity 4 Manipulation 4
Resistance Resolve 3 Stamina 3 Composure 4


Mental Physical Social
Academics (Business) 3 Athletics 3 Animal Ken (Birds) 4
Computers 1 Brawl 2 Empathy 3
Investigation 3 Drive 2 Expression 3
Occult (Rituals, Superstitions) 4 Stealth 2 Intimidation 3
Politics (Bribery, Local) 4 Weaponry (Knives) 4 Persuasion (Fast Talk, Sales Pitch) 4
Socialize 3
1. any Mental skills not listed suffer a -3 Streetwise 3
2. any Physical or Social skills not listed suffer a -1 Subterfuge (Lying, Misdirection) 4


Animalism 4
Dominate 4
Resilience 2
Majesty 3
Coil of the Soul 11
Coil of Flesh 31

1 yes he is/was lying, but Flesh is a rare coil and Soul near impossible to prove or disprove.
So he has little fear of anyone using Eyes of the Dragon to see through his deceit.


Verdical Tongue; Dominate 2, Majesty 2; Cost 1 Vitae, VtR Core Rulebook pg 153
Dice Pool: Presence + Subterfuge + Majesty – Composure
Target Speaks only truth for 1 round per success.

Awesome Mesmerize; Majesty 1, Dominate 2; Cost 1 Vitae, **Approved by Keith, awaiting ST approval.
Dice Pool: Intelligence + Expression + Dominate versus Resolve + Blood Potency
Allows use of Mesmerize on all targets currently under effect of Awe.


Location 2, Size 3, Security 4,
Geomantic Nexus(pg 202 Ordo Dracul) +2 Wits bedrooms, +3 Intelligence basement.

(1 hour upkeep per room per month, 3 bedrooms + 1 basement. so 4 hours)

Mentor/Pupil/Friend: (or just least likely to stab you in the back)
Leopold, Daeva of Ordo Dracul
Exchanged knowledge of Dominate for Majesty. Joint effort in making Awesome Mesmerize.
Moved to New Orleans to cash in on the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.
(Knows of Gabriel’s business, and would send mail there.)

Allies: (any human knows him as Gabriel De Gaulle.)

City Hall 4
- Highly supportive of government structure, a less known campaign contributor with deep pockets and unknown but VERY reliable connections.
Uses them to get any permits backdated, documents altered or temporary misplaced.

Police 4 (in mixed company, police refer to Gabriel as DG.)
- Funds several lobbyist groups who advocate increased police budgets and against police budget cuts. Has also personally intervened and redirected Internal Affairs away from the current police chief.
Usually uses favors to keep his workers out of jail, sometimes background checks and very rarely, does he ask that Internal Affairs get involved, which the current police chief can do.

Banks 3
- Gabriel De Gaulle is crazy good for their business. And has pointed out to the current bank president that the last bank he pulled his money out of closed down within 3 months. Uses them to stop loans or fake an account garnishment against his enemies.

Local Unions 3
- To earn their favor, Gabriel arranged an after dark meeting with the business owner they were currently striking against and ‘asked nicely’. While the Union got their way, the business could not stay in the black and went bankrupt, taking some of the Union’s influence with them. Now when Gabriel De Gaulle tells them they are asking too much, they listen…
Oh, the business was a competing lumber business, who had to sell their acreage of forest to Gabriel’s business (which was owned by G Samuel Leopold).

Bail Bondsmen 2
- In a harsher time, Gabriel needed to either keep himself out of jail or his employees out. Befriended them quickly and sometimes lets them use his business to ‘hire’ their targets and later arrest him at the site. Has less use for them now that hard times are past, but still keeps in contact to know who to avoid hiring.

Local Law Firm 2
- Any business’s best friend…an army of lawyers to stall, smokescreen and dirt-dig against any lawsuit-happy dumb-fucks that populate the world preying on the sympathetic, kindhearted ‘good’ people of the world to pay for them having a cracked windshield or be wheelchair bound and have over millions of dollars of medical bills because “Your employee’s truck slung a rock at my windshield.” or “A log fell off one of your trucks and they say Ill never walk again, my life is over.”

DMV 1 – Business with big toys pay big money for permits to move those toys.


  • Police: Scott Polk, Midnight dispatch.
  • City Hall: Peggy Devore, Head Secretary 10 years. (works late, typically to 12am)
  • Local Businesses:
    Adam Hilliard, General Manager of local Auto Zone. (after hours cost: $40, he pockets this.)
    Bree Whitman, midnight supervisor of Costco.
    Craig Walley, owns/runs River Boat Rental & Bait.
    Donald Ball, Owns South St Louis Tow and Impound. Works nights.
    Eleanor Stern, night manager of Motel 6.
    Felicia Higgins, works at Afton Chemical as a Chemist.

Ghouled Raven, “Edgar PoePoe”
At the astounding age of 62, Edgar is well trained and extremely sharp witted with focus toward theft, spying and reliably explaining this information back to his master.
Only comes around when Gabriel calls or when low on blood.
**Animal ghouls spend blood instinctively, and has no true control. If injured it will heal; if provoked, it would increase dexterity for more accurate flying or attacking; if frightened it would increase strength to fly away faster.

Intelligence 2, Strength 2, Presence 3
Wits 4, Dexterity 4, Manipulation 1
Resolve 3, Stamina 3, Composure 3

Athletics 4, Brawl 2, Stealth 1, Larceny 1, Survival 3, Expression (Gabriel) 1
Resilience 1

Willpower: 6
Initiative: 7
Defense: 4
Speed: 16 (flight only)
Size: 2
Weapon: Beak; +1(L) 5 dice
Health: 5

Resources 4:
Owns a modern sawmill (Cerre Sawmill and wholesale Wood and Lumber) and 200 acres of forests south/southeast of St Louis, Local Foreman Kevin Niles oversees operations.
Hires from Union only, competitive salaries, pay depends on experience.
Anything disruptive to operations are phoned in at 9pm.

Finances: running a business isn’t cheep.
Lifelock on Gabriel De Gaulle (age 35, DOB 7.13.1976)
and Gabriel Samuel Leopold (age 71, DOB 8.5.1940)

Gabriel De Gaulle:
High Limit Business Discover Card: -$27,500 / $42,500
Regions Bank Business Account (Line of Credit): -$3,333 / $7,200
Regions Bank Account: $373,443
Tries to hold all lines of credit at half full, a company with debt looks like a motivated company

Gabriel Samuel Leopold:
Visa: -$200 / $2,500
Bank of America Account: $39,000
Retirement plan after 40 years of service to the Sawmill company
Pension: $900/month, direct deposit
Has nephew Gabriel De Gaulle listed with Power of Attorney and inheritor of his Will and Estate. (A common practice among elder Venture, leaving their estate to themselves once they have a new identity up and running.)


  • City 3
  • Clan 3
  • Covenant 2

Fighting Finesse

Ordo Dracul: pg 204
Mind of the Devouring Worm
Mind of the Unblinking Serpent
Mind of the Inscrutable Hydra


  • (French)
  • (Creole)
  • (German)
  • (Chinese)

Noteworthy Possessions

  • 1982 Blue Cadillac DeVille
  • AT&T Cell Phone Talk/Text (no web), prepaid 2 year business plan for Sawmill
  • Inside car under driver seat, 16" Bowie Knife (10" blade) with sheath and custom strap for carrying under left armpit.
  • Common wardrobe is Polo shirts and Slacks, shirts have no logo or St Louis Rams.
  • Business wardrobe is Brown(loose) 1 button suit, Blue(fit) 2 button suit, Black(snug) 3 button suit


Growing up, Gabriel’s wealthy family put him a little above the rest of his playmates. Where he maintained his position by spending his allowance to buy food for the poorer ‘friends’ and forms of entertainment for middle class ‘friends’ and had them do Favors for him in exchange. One could say, business was natural to him at an early age. As his teens set in, he was sent to school where he did average mostly out of boredom, but his nightlife was one party to the next.
Around age 20 Gabriel was burning the candle at both ends, having taken a job as a coordinator in his uncle’s shipping business getting the right cargo to the right ship and his nightlife showing the sailors where the Beer was best and the women where aplenty. (broke, hungover and fucked sailors were the hardest working/least complaining.)
Gabriel’s exploits as a successful business man and nightlifer eventually catches the notice of a local Lord, Antoine Gilbert; a Venture who fancies Gabriel a ‘Reincarnation’ of his soul. This Lord eventually brings Gabriel under his wing. After two years of service, and putting his estate in order, Gabriel accepts Lord Gilbert’s invitation into clan Venture.

He wasn’t fond of kindred politics, and down right distrustful of kindred religion…
So he kept a low profile among multi-clan gatherings, but was right at home among his fellow businessmen (and women as it neared 1900s).

Gabriel finally found his place among the Danse in the Ordo Dracul in 1919, mixing his brand of Business savvy with the research minded approach of the Order of the Dragon.


After seeing the poverty of Wall Street’s 1929 crash and its preceding 12 year effects, Gabriel Cerre focuses his requiem to ensuring the economic gain (and population gain) of St Louis for the future. He deeply resents the fall of East St Louis, Illinois into the crime ridden ghetto it is now.


As a twin scholar of Dominate and Majesty, Gabriel comes across as extravagant and is used to getting his way, always pushing himself towards any set goal with ruthless efficiency and determination.
In recent times, Gabriel has been seeing more meaning behind his sire’s warning to him of the kingdom that tore up its foundation to build itself higher…and sank into the swamps…
“Too many Leaders and not enough Followers…”

Gabriel Cerre

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