• Alexander Virden

    Alexander Virden

    Charismatic go-to man and new Cabel member. Current where abouts unknown DECEASED - KIA
  • Arpad Caparetti

    Arpad Caparetti

    The Lord (Prince) of St. Louis. The 10th Dragon. The Austrian Vampire King. Major Dick
  • Christina Tarvin

    Christina Tarvin

    Mysterium Investigator and Death enthusiast. Recovering from blood loss
  • Gabriel Cerre

    Gabriel Cerre

    Lord of Noblesse Oblige
  • Gloria


    Ghoul retainer to Sarah. Scared and on the run
  • Jacob Chantalu (Jake)

    Jacob Chantalu (Jake)

    The embodyment of the will of our fathers, the original American son. Currently staked in Edes de Ver.
  • Jaina Bingham

    Jaina Bingham

    The Tenebrae Angelus of the Fratres De Devicta
  • Jeremiah Ellwood

    Jeremiah Ellwood

    A youthful English businessman with a knack for propriety...unless something happens and its time to let his hair down.
  • Lauralye


    Elysium Peace keeper and Seneschal to Arpad.
  • Nightmare, the Lost One

    Nightmare, the Lost One

    Brother in Exile
  • Ofelia Espinosa

    Ofelia Espinosa

    Issac's former mentor's granddaughter and former lover.
  • Sarah Chantalu

    Sarah Chantalu

    An infamous vampire known for her beauty and ferocity, Dutchess of (West) St. Louis. Currently staked, where abouts unknown
  • Stephen


    The Right hand man for the Prince and Constable.
  • Susan "Shadow-foot" Darby

    Susan "Shadow-foot" Darby

    Zackary's formor packmate. Con-artist and part time trouble maker
  • Zackary Ellison

    Zackary Ellison

    Veteran werewolf aka "Jacob Mauler"