Édes a vér

The Exodus....

After half a dozen armed personal forced there way into the old Mage house, Issac was Impaled and was left to die by a unseen attacker. When most of the attackers fled, the pack took Issac to George Hendricks, where they spent four days and nights trying to prevent Issac’s death. Meanwhile, Ofelia was kidnapped by Stephen. He left a text saying she went back to St. Louis. Zorander Wondering what happened to Issac as did Solace. Nikolia was dealing with his new found powers and getting lost in the woods stoned. In the days that Issac was recovering, A creeper tried to hit on solace and went Nova when he was cock blocked by Nikolia. Issac Finally woke up on the 4th day and Healed his wounds, deciding that St. Louis is too dangerous to live in. After grabbing all the money and Zorander almost getting blown up by a claymore, they left St. Louis for Columbia.

See Tome of the Moon for further game play! Good job all!

I've had better...

Things pick up with Issac waking up in University Hospital. His left side and rips have been crushed violently. Wondering what went on he called Solace to tell her to be careful and that he was attack. He then called Zorander and told him what happened. As Zorander was leaving the chapter house, he noticed Alex sitting in the living room. Upon inspection, it turned out that Alex was murdered and was just “dropped off” at the house. This of course made him incredibly paranoid. He used an Invisibility spell to get to his motorcycle and doubled checked it before leaving to the hospital. Upon getting there, Issac had him get his pen that he dropped in the attack by casting a Portal spell inside the bathroom to Issac’s office. After a quick call to Ofelia, Issac then called Dr. Hendricks, who was listed as physician on scene when 911 responders arrived. Issac convinced Dr. Hendricks to take him to his house for outpatient care. With some doubt, he agreed. Once there, Issac used magic to over come his gruesome injury’s, shocking the doctor. After some time of silence and awkwardness, he dropped him off at the Holiday Inn. Solace set Zorander up with a room, where he was enjoying the pool. After some milling over thoughts, Issac decides to visit Zachary unaware that the good doctor also made the same decision. Naturally walking up out of the basement frustrates Dr Hendricks even further when suddenly several masked men shove in the door and running inside weapons at the ready.

Meanwhile, a thought to be dead Nikolai finally starts to make his way back to the living(?)…

The Day of Rekoning

The night starts off with Issac going to the Neon Caress, Only shortly there after discovering that someone has savagely beaten Ofilia. While Solace was openly dismayed by this turn of events, Issac was enraged. He went to the hospital, to see how she was doing. while the wounds were Harsh, she was going to make a recovery. Issac dove into her mind (betraying his earlier oath to her) and caught a glimpse of her attacker. He then called Red, accursed her of having something to do with it. She flatly refuted it saying she doesn’t keep up with her followers any. Issac then spent the rest of the night looking for him but with no success. Solace closed the club early again this night, opting to spend time with Ofilia.
Meanwhile, the following day, George drove to the old cabal house to get initiated into werewolf society. Cali got a unholy amount of hamburgers from Wendy’s. After a encounter with a questioning owl and various other spirits, George looked over the rest of the group and did physicals on them. As it turned towards the night, he offered to take them to a rib joint in town. They all accepted.
At the Rack, Issac meet up with Christina who seemed to be acting rather strangely. After unlocking the door and let her do her own thing down stairs for a hour, he went down stairs to see what was going on. when he went inside his office, a piece of paper slid under the door saying it was Christina. He opened to let Christina in. She began to look the room over, wondering aloud if there was any surveillance equipment. After finding that there isn’t, She leaned over And grabbed him. The tried to fight but her strength was overwhelming. He even tried Teleporting, but it mysteriously failed! She though him around like a rag doll till he was unconscious. Nikolia then got a text from “Issac” telling him to meet him at the Rack. He got there to find a message saying Christina and Issac are having a meeting. When he opened the door, she lashed out, grabbing him. He tried to break the hold, doing little. With godless strength, she pulled both of his arms down, breaking his shoulders to pieces. He then attacked with life magic, before passing out from pain….
Zachary, while at a Rib joint with his pack, he catches a whiff of something familiar in the air. He tells his pack he’ll be back momentarily. After tracking the bloody scent for several blocks to the forest park, a Giant of a man appears from almost thin air. He throws the two bodies down with a sickening thud. This rather scary man turns and Glares at the elder werewolf (now in dala form) with supernatural malice, but Zachary doesn’t’ budge(1). The Giant man then speaks saying, “I know not who you are, but this isn’t of your concern. If you leave now and forget about what you saw, you’ll live to fight another day”. Zachary in a Growling Accent says “Leave or Die”. The Giant Hisses and growls saying “mindless…beast”, his veins turning black with power. Zachary Instantly shifts to Garou form and howls(2,3). The Giant rushes towards the werewolf hoping to end the fight quickly. He grabs hold of him. However, to the giant’s surprise, it appears that the werewolf is actually stronger than the man (who now is even taller than the “Giant”). With a feral bite, Zachary rips huge chunks of meat off the man. The Giant summons unholy might of his own dealing a crushing blow to Zachary’s abdomen, punching though it. Without flinching, Zachary reaches up with both of his claws and rips down, clawing most of his face and chest meat off. At this point, the man throws the werewolf a good distance off and runs for it. Zachary gives chase, but the man vanishes from sight. He Shifts down and looks the two broken body’s over, just as Cali and George Run into the clearing…
1= Farrel 2= Nick 3= Edward

Party of five.

The day picks up with Issac feeling under the weather (and after a MONTH of using magic to avoid sleep) and called a doctor to his office. When Cali noticed that the doctor not only smelled familiar, but was one of the people, she quickly sent a text David. After he did a physical on Issac (of course, nothing being wrong), he went out to his car to only be confronted by Susan and David. Although Zorander and Issac saw most of what was going on, neither intervened and afterwords saw all three of them get into the doctor’s car. The two veteran werewolves kept dropping hints and innuendo, trying to determine why he was here and what he knows. After coming to the conclusion that George (the doctor) didn’t know anything at all, they decided to make a offer to him. “Meet us here at 6 o’clock at The Pinion if you want to know what you really are”, Susan said. They both got out of his car and went there separate ways.

Meanwhile, Solace just started a gentleman’s club called the Neon Caress, having overcame the adversity of St. Louis’s zoning laws. Issac, who just found out troubling news that The Rack’s liquor license has been revoked, decided to make the night of itself by going to Solace’s gentleman’s club. After finding Nikolia lost in the woods and unsuccessfully trying to pawn work of on Zorander, all four Silver Ladder members decided to head to Solace’s club. Nikolia called David wondering where Zachary was and found him later at Arby’s. Afterword, all leaving for Solace’s Club The night went fine at first with only minor troubles (Ofilia making an ass of her self and Sarah showing up being a free dancer). Alex, who was rather bored and noticed Zachary’s unease and depressed state decided to make the man lose his inhibitions. He Cast a spell over a two hour time frame. At the end of it however, the result was anything but harmless. A drunk and randy Zachary got up and grabbed a dancer. Solace and Nikolia tried to pry Zack off, but this only made him furious. Zorander, Alex and Sarah kept there distance from the impending blood bath. Even though Nikolia got the Dancer free from his grasp, Zackary’s rage consumed him, changing into Gauru form. The Elder werewolf bit Nikolia’s throat out while he was grabbed with him. Issac during this time, has been Casting spells to try and half the disaster, Finally settling on teleporting Zack to Nikolia’s house. Unfortunately, The spell went off to well, teleporting Nikolia AND Zack. Nikolia barely escaped Death by jumping across the Gauntlet. After Nikolia healed some of his vicious wounds, he made sure that Zack was no longer rampaging. Issac made sure he was okay and did damage control at the Gentleman’s Club.
Meanwhile at The Pinion, the werewolves gathered and greeted Dr George Hendricks. They told him to fast for 24 hours and meet them at the hot springs north of town this time tomorrow night. He did so and when he got there, all 4 members of the pack were there. They began to test George’s resolve and made him go though 3 tests, one of running, one of the mind, one of spirit. The last one who took to with amazing skill. He then choose his tribe after careful deliberation.

The day of death...the vice of wrath.

After Issac was confronted with the armed FBI agents, he teleported to the cabal house and alerted Zorander. They both carefully went back to the Rack to find that they left his office a wreck. After some scanning with force magic, it was discovered that they bugged the bar and the office. Zorander tracked the signal to about a block and a half away, in an unmarked van. After several attempts to short out the signal and blowing out the tire, Issac stepped in (from his office) and took Mental control of one of the agents. Using the agent, he looked at their equipment and gear. Just when the other agents were starting to get paranoid, Issac (as the FBI agent) pulled the pins on two flash-bangs and gave up control over the agent. Unfortunately, the close proximity to their cache of frag grenades causing them to detonate as well, killing all six occupants in the van. He quickly went to work trying to cover it up, by implanting thoughts and suggestions in the witnesses and police investigators.

Meanwhile, As Cali was going to work, she was shot by an unknown assailant from the ledge of the building across the street. Cali’s wounds were terrible and they appeared to be silver. David and Juan rushed up to see what was going on. After seeing that Cali was nearly fatal wounded, Juan (pack mate and Zack’s middle son) lost it and went berserk, charging the sniper. After a couple more shots and some screaming, it went eerily quiet. Soon after, Susan went outside to find that Juan had been killed while mauling the would-be assassin. The entire pack mourned the loss….but it hit Zack and David the hardest.

Somewhere outside the city, Alexander tracked down his prey to city hall, where he kidnapped his target via chloroform, not caring for who saw him. He drove off and actually managed to avoid the police until he got to Nikolia’s. After some gruesome torture, the sect leader finally told him where he had put the artifact. Alexander then took him to the woods and chained him up, but he died from his wounds before anyone found him. The Russian then went back to city hall and broke into the meeting room and took the artifact. He escaped after some very quick wardrobe changes, even outwitting the police at a blockade heading out of town. He took his prize, and in the morning he fled back to Russia (shipping the artifact separately, of course).

The end of Tol'cal-on

The session starts with Nikolia asking for help from Zachary and his pack. The pack agrees to help find and confront the incarnae Tol’cal-on, who had claimed the body of a young woman. They all search him/her out, after few words it attacked the group. After a game of chase, the pack was finally able to beat it down. After noticing a strange glow from his shed Nikolia found the discorperated spirit, he then bound the incarnae into the very spear that he made to honor it with. Cali spent most of her time fixing the house up and working at the Rack.

The Chapter house was finished and settled into, and even turned into a Demesnes after Issac and Zorander found a 2nd soul stone from the previous chapter house (now Zachary’s) and Issac crafted a 3rd and hid them. And finally Zorander reinforced the walls and doors and windows to twice their normal durability.

Meanwhile, Alexander (the Russian special agent of who has been sent to find a relic in the states) tailed the members of the cult for four days, learning what he could from them. That night, he got a strange visitor claiming to be one off Nikolia’s friends. After Alexander let him in, the stranger named “Jake” attacked. After being almost mortally wounded, Alexander fled the hotel. He went to Nikolia’s and passed out. He woke up ten days later, with his wounds almost healed up and badly dehydrated. He had a conversation with Zachary (who was on guard duty for the spear) about why he was here. He then spent the rest of the time reporting in and training while at Nikolia’s.

Finally, while Issac was closing the rack down (after a month long obsession with bears), a swat team rushes in. After telling Issac to freeze and then opening fire on him (even after complying) he shut the door and fled via a teleport spell.

Twist of Fate

The Story picks up at the March of Dimes fund raiser. The elder vampires, after being promoted by Arpad, have taken large chunks of St. Louis as there own. Sarah (Red) absorbed Jacob’s old territory. Gabriel has taken southern St louis. Jeremiah lays claim to central st Louis and most of the commercial sector. Meanwhile, a nosy Russian (not Nikolia) has begone his personal quest to locate a missing object in a town that is dangerous to say the least. Cali, still struggling to feed the pack, gets a job as caterer for the fund rasier. And a new Mage of the Silver Ladder rides into town. And to top things off, Tol’cal-on, having been sacrificed a body, seeks his revenge on Nikalia….

Sweet revenge, The end of Rockwell

The night starts off with Gabriel rising at The Rack. Jeremiah was at a Edes de Ver vault, with James in the driver seat for the night. Red brutally, but methodically killed a mortal investigator while also framing it on his hunter co-worker. The plan was created by Christina, a reclusive and wrathful mage who pulled Red’s strings and instructed how best to kill the pesky investigator. The other hunters showed up decided to cut there loses and go after the werewolves at the old chapter house. What they didn’t know is that the cabal’s former residence, Zachary’s new territory, still had the Fire Ban spell in effect. They foolish went in even after the flash bangs were “duds” and were dumbstruck when their guns would not fire, leaving Zack and his two sons free to slaughter two of the hunters while the other two escaped. One hunter was instructed to go back and find the Cheron Books that were left behind and was able to avoid detection until he was leaving. Juan shifted into wolf form and bite his calf, being able to taste his blood. They tracked him to Wal-Mart where they cornered him in the back. Hyde (the hunters name and co-worker to Jekyll, the FBI agent, who died earlier) took his life by shooting himself in the head rather than be captured by them. Zack and his Offspring fled after the fact.

Meanwhile, when Jeremiah arose (as James) he was stumped on how to use voice mail and was helped by Lauralye. He then went out hunting. After which he stopped by The Rack to his nightly routine of socializing with the rest of the locals. With Issac in toe, he went to his house to gather information on the current events on what happened in St. Louis. Cali started the night shaping the rest of the holes in the walls of the house and then went off the the rack to hang out with her “friends”. Gabriel went hunting himself, and spent the beginning of the night on the town. Nikolia got out of night class and headed to The Rack, and then with the convincing of Alex, took Cali to Wal-Mart to buy Cali new clothes. They were held up because of gun fire outside, which Wal-Mart employees lock the front door and move everyone to the back of the store until police arrive. The gunfire coming from Hyde killing himself. When Issac got back from running around with Jeremiah (James), He was unpleasantly surprised by finding Rockwell in his VIP office. He then Teleported to his private office. Rockwell went out to block all the patrons from leaving screaming for either Issac or Gabriel. Jeremiah (James) watched while using obfuscate when Red (Sarah) slammed and proceeded to fight Rockwell with her cruel talons out. The two of the exchanged blows, but Sarah was losing ground, when suddenly, Issac rounds the corner to using a Vulgar Healing Heart healing Red of her most incredible injuries. Rockwell noticed this and turned to attack him, but was stopped cold when Jeremiah (James) skillfully impaled his skull with his sword-cane. Issac then used another vulgar spell, Psychic Sword, for massive damage. Immediately followed by Cali and Nikolai’s entrance. Cali used partial transformation for claws and started tearing in to Rockwell and Nikolai broke a chair for a makeshift club. Rockwell pulled himself out of the sword to jump though the ceiling, only to slam back down on the ground when that failed1. Cali then jumped up on Rockwell and savaged his head, With Issac using a vulgar Psychic Sword on him again, and taking backlash from his repeated abuse of reality. Finally, Tol’cal-on materialized, impaling Rockwell to the ground with his flaming bastard sword. Rockwell running on only fear tried to jump with the sword and Tol’cal-on’s strength holding him down, he only managed to push the blade in further. Sensing his foe’s supernatural regeneration and demonic drive to overcome, Tol’cal-on burned a large amount of essence and obliterated Rockwell’s body in a sea of molten steal and fire. The damage was incredible, blasting Jeremiah, Nikolia and Cali to the other wall and leaving a crater and a hole in the roof. All that was left was a brunt corpse encased in slag. Cali shaped the metal and remaining skull into a sword, but James’s(Jeremiah) skillful use of Dominate convinced her to give him the skull, which he took to Edes de Ver and presented the skull to a shocked Arpad. Where Gabriel finally re-arrived asking how the fight went, only to be shown a skull and James telling him that is all that remains of Rockwell.

And finally, Issac and Nikolia, relived that the monstrosity was killed, began repair the damage and pursue there own agenda.

1 In the previous mage game after the aftermath of a hunter assault the roof of The Rack was repaired and enhanced by Tiberius.

Rockwell returns

Issac and Jeremiah go to pick up Gloria after she left Gabriel’s house. Upon returning to The Rack, she stayed outside after seeing Gabriel’s car also at The Rack. Upon realizing that she did not enter, Issac went back out to check and found her missing, and a sticky note on the door of The Rack. Written on the note was “For Gabriel” and a phone number. It turned out to be Rockwell, who had kidnapped Gloria. His plan was to use her as leverage and force Gabriel to bring out a vampire from Édes a Vér so he could feed from the unsuspecting victim. Rockwell backed up the request by threatening to kill Gloria and dumping her body in or near Gabriel’s house to frame him and turn Sarah(aka Red) further against him. With the help of Issac and Jeremiah (and not Red, skillfully leaving her in the dark) they were able to outmaneuver Rockwell by having Jeremiah act as bait. Once Rockwell was away from his car, Issac teleported in and back out with Gloria and taking Backlash from his vulgar use of the Space Arcanum. Jeremiah aware of Rockwell’s impending attack expertly dodged Rockwell’s lunge and Obfuscating. Gabriel’s car didn’t fare so well as Rockwell’s miss made him collide with it, bending the passenger door. Gabriel managed to enter his car and flee, but with Rockwell hot on his trail using Celerity. Eventually Rockwell managed to jump onto the trunk of the car and he then tore off the roof, while Gabriel’s driving could not shake him. Another vulgar spell by Issac in the form of a Key’d Portal only allowing anybody named “Gabriel” through…and through he came…at 50 mph…across the parking lot where he skidded to a stop, painful looking but not painful to Gabriel who’s previous image was Rockwell tearing off his roof and about to slash him.

Back at The Rack, a distraught Gloria informed Red of what happened and she went nuts, swearing Rockwell’s Death. After which, Cali tried befriending Gloria and she caved in after a time. Nikaloi and Issac later tried bargaining with Tol’cal-on the nature of there relationship. Gabriel, fearful that Rockwell knew where he lived, was surprised when Issac offered him one of the back rooms, which he humbly accepted (Venture Law Of Hospitality?). He also made arrangements to quietly remove his car from the accident, but is not so sure he should claim it stolen…its not like it was an antique nor is he really in the mood to do insurance fraud…

When day break happened, Issac gathered a member from the Guardians of the Veil and tried looking for Jacob but with no success, but showed no signs of giving up. The session leaves off with the Rack having its first day active after a weeks worth of martial law…

You got knocked the fuck out!

Even though The Rack was closed for the night, Annette and Ofelia walked in unannounced. Solace (aka Annette) had business to take care of and left Ofelia there, only for her to openly humiliate and demand money from Issac. Alex decided to teach her some humility, and some fun, cast magic to turn her belligerence on people who would not stand for it. When it was all said and done, Ofelia was knocked out by Zachary when Issac came back from the ATM. Thanks to Zackary’s abilities however, she was unable to point out who it was when she came too and left in a huff. Meanwhile, a murder was found at the old cabal house and Jeremiah and Alex went to investigate it. They found out that a werewolf pack moved into the house and was the cause of it. When they went back to the Rack, Zackary volunteered to go and “investigate”. After they got there, it turned out to be a pack of the Pure. Violence quickly ensued resulting in two of the Pure pack members dieing and the others running off. Later that night, Red finally found out that it was Jacob who got the city locked down. Her thoughts went wild and she left with Gloria following suit from Gabriel’s. She went all the way out to Her recently Haven only to find strange new occupants there. It was of course, Zackary Ellison and his offspring that have taken up residence. Soon after, Issac and Jeremiah drove over to the cabal house and encountered a paranoid, grief stricken Red. They both said that they had no intentions of stabbing her in the back, but Sarah rebuffed there claims as dubious.


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